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New Range of SAE660/ RG7 Bronze coming soon Introducing our range of round bars and selected tubes in grade SAE 660/RG7. All materials will be in stock by Late May/ Early June 2024! .. 14 Nov 0 1726
We have an extensive range of Black Round Bar in both Carbon Steels and Alloy Steels, which is complemented by our full range of Bright Bar of alloys in EN16T and EN24T, and carbon steels in Mild steel, En1a's and En8's.The 'ALL ROUNDER' - EN16T is a low alloyed Manganese-molybdenum through-harde.. 23 Oct 0 1798
The ‘EN’ commonly found in grades of steel stands for Emergency Number. This came about from the need to reduce confusion and aid clarity when planning manufacturing and production during World War II in what was known as the War Emergency Numbering. In 1941 the British Standards Institute with the .. 14 Feb 0 5294
Dear Special Steel Customers, Steel Market Evaluation Update – January 2023 Happy New Year in a volatile steel industry. What will the steel industry hold for us in 2023? Will it be a good year? How will the ‘pending recession’ affect our market? How can we interpret key indicators to determine what.. 14 Nov 0 2401
We now stock Black Round Bar.We now stock and process a full range of Black Mild Steel /Black En8 in round bar and is ready for sale. Available in full bars or Cut To Size in 24 Hours on stocked items.On stock outs we can replenish within 7-10 days. Our Black Bar offering includes:-S.. 14 Nov 10 1332
We have added a range of EN16T Round Bar, to our already extensive En24T stocks.The 'ALL ROUNDER' - EN16T is a low alloyed Manganese-molybdenum through-hardening steel, and is popular for it's versatility.... JUST LIKE US. EN16T offers you high tensile strength, improved frictional wear, shock res.. 14 Nov 94 1194
We have a range of sizes and finishes available in stock for immediate dispatch of both Stainless Steels and Aluminium Sheets at very COMPETITIVE prices.Call us on (0)1 450 9040 or Email us at
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