Value Added Services


  • We deliver your requirements based on your needs in order to drive down your stock costs.
  • Prompt response and turnaround time. Special Steels can ensure prompt response and next day delivery countrywide.
  • Provide storage and management of customer-owned materials.
  • Provide you with greater visibility for materials which can significantly decrease lead time.
  • Analyze your purchase history to help you better plan for demand.
  • Manage a network of suppliers and logistics from the mill to your manufacturing process allowing you to cut internal costs.
  • Offer distribution and logistics services which includes warehousing, packaging, dispatch and freight services.


Special Steel provides metal laser cutting services for a wide range of metal types. We can offer cutting services for both sheets and plates up to 25mm. In comparison to other thermal cutting processes, laser cutting has the smallest heat affected zone and the most precise cut.

Benefits of flat laser cutting

  • Precise and accurate cuts
  • Minimal clean up
  • Narrow kerf width
  • Better edge quality
  • Cut complex shapes to fit customer needs
  • Automated material handling


We provide an in-house saw cutting service with semi-automatic band saws and carbide saw cutting enabling us to deliver a fast and accurate service to meet your requirements. We are capable of cutting most metals to size, including bars, pipes and tubes. We offer bundle, repetition, and square cutting services. When you use our cutting services, you can be assured of a precision result!

For all enquiries, please contact us.